fellowship with calvary


fellowship with calvary

     Thank you for your interest in Calvary Christian Center’s Men’s, Women’s & Youth Fellowships and welcome to a vital part of the make-up of the ministry structure.  The Men’s, Women’s & Youth Fellowships offer a unique time of group sessions that provide the opportunity for ministry on a more personal and specialized level that would not be achieved in the public worship service.

     If you haven’t already, I want to personally invite you out to take part of the fellowship that is best suited for you.  Our Men’s Fellowship is the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Our Women’s Fellowship is held on the 4th Saturday of each month and our Youth Fellowship is held every 2nd Saturday of each month.  The times and locations for each fellowship are announced in the Calvary Messenger, our weekly newsletter. We certainly look forward to meeting you at one of our fellowships.  You’re blessed.

In His Service,
Pastor Jeffery A. Muchison


For More Information, please select the Fellowship that you are interested in below! You are Blessed!