Youth Fellowship Join the Renewed Youth of CCC

Purpose:  The purpose of the Youth Fellowship is to provide and encourage an atmosphere conducive for Christian fellowship at a level specifically designed for the youth of the ministry.  Emphasis will be on Christian practice, biblical integrity and an uncompromising stand for righteousness.  The Church will not allow any practice that compromises the integrity of the Word such as ungodly music, movies, videos, books, cd’s, dvd’s and such like.  Though we are desiring to have a Youth Fellowship, we must emphasize that it is still a part of the overall structure of this local Church, specifically Calvary Christian Center, and therefore will be realized as a Christian fellowship.  The youth will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that’s conducive for Christian living.

Mission Our mission for the Youth Fellowship is to help our families to train up our youth in the way that they should go.  To sow godly seed into their lives that they may have a strong and solid Christian foundation when they reach adulthood.

Join us for our monthly Youth fellowship